Places I Love – Brighton England

A pleasant day walking from my lounge and heading to the pier then joining the crowd during a hot summer in Brighton

Places I Love Portsmouth England

There is nothing finer than taking a bike ride past the fort and along the beach to the lighthouse at the end of the pier

Places I Love – Bournemouth England

Walking down the path past the blue beach huts to spend a sunny day on the pier playing penny slots. Its a sensational way to spend the day.

Places I Love – Point or Ayr Wales

Alone in northern Wales sits this boarded up lighthouse near the village of Talacre. It’s also haunted and looks really cool with this black and white filter 👻

Places I Love – Weston-super-Mare England

Here is another lovely and quaint English beachside town Weston-super-Mare in Sommerset which is a few miles from Bristol…. and that cheeky bugger of a seagull stole my chips