Memphis Graceland

The tour of Graceland, home of the King Elvis Presley is something special. You can visit his jet plane and the museum which includes his favourite pink Cadillac and a million or so "Onesys". The tour of the mansion itself is what it's really about, a fascinating insite into Elvis and his family life.

The Office Graceland Memphis Tennessee USA

What kind of mansion doesn't include a home office, and a few paintingsnof Elvis

The Pool Room Graceland Memphis Tennessee USA

Every King should make some space for some pool, and what an amazing pool room it is

The Dining Room Graceland Memphis Tennessee USA

The dining room where the King liked to eat. Considering how big Elvis for later in life I figure this room got a lot of use

Graceland Memphis Tennessee USA

In follow up to my blog about Elvis's Graceland, I'll be posting some images of my trip to Graceland