DIA Detroit Institute of Art

With an amazing collection of art including works by Picasso, Monet, Rembrant, Renoir, Cezzane, Bruegel and Rushdael the DIA is world class and impressive.

Henry Ford Museum Detroit

The Henry Ford Museum is a lot of fun, it includes the Wright Brothers Plane, the car JFK was assassinated in and a bunch of other cars and stuff. It's a petrol heads paradise.

Greenfield Village Detroit

Greenfield Village is part of the Henry Ford Museum. The Village is made up of almost 100 exhibits with the majority of them having a host that educates you about Henry Ford. This including Heinz, Abe Lincholn, Wright Brothers and Webster (the dictionary) houses and Edison's experiments. It used to be a school and with … Continue reading Greenfield Village Detroit

Downtown Detroit

Detroit is vibrant and fun, a of mostly Art Deco skyscrapers mixed with other classic buildings including those made of marble. Redevelopment includes work going on at Grand Central Station.

Detroit Abandoned Factories

I came to Detroit 6 years ago and have returned. I've noticed a lot of changes including the redevelopment of the old Parkard Factory, there is however still a ways to go. This also includes a few shots for the old Fisher Factory. Unfortunately the area were fenced off so couldn't wander in and figure … Continue reading Detroit Abandoned Factories