Places I love – Detroit Michigan

I love Detroit it’s kind of run down with abandoned buildings and urban decay. But there is also some fantastic structures such as the Fisher building made of limestone, marble and granite. The Detroit Institute of Arts with is world class collection including a my personal favourite Andy Warhol. And much like Joe Biden, Detroit is stating to make a come back, hope to see it again one day

Places I Love – Detroit Michigan

With the world focused on what is going on in the USA right now it brings me to the amazing city of Detroit which I visited 3 years ago. The old Central station (undergoing renovations now), Andy Warhol, Biden and the Fisher Building, amazing

Places I Love – Detroit USA

I loved the ghostly Packard Factory in Detroit, not allowed into the buildings but the old abandoned structures are interesting. I believe the city is now recovering

Detroit Michigan USA

Michigan Central Station abandoned long ago

Fisher Building Detroit Michigan USA

Largest marble facade building in the world