Meow Wolf Santa Fe

This is Meow Wolf Art installation in Santa Fe. It's an immersive and interactive art display you can walk through. It very much reminded me of going to physcodelic rave parties in the 90s and early 2000s. Kinda like the Fridge nightclub in Brixton or Cyberdog in Camden, it's really trippy and fun.


Mesa Verde National Park

This is Mesa Verde in Colorado, known for its array of cliff dwellings built by the Pueblo Indians from 550 AD to 1300. I also brought my own lunch.


The drive from the Moab desert to the lush green forests of Colorado is something to behold. Dodging rabbits, prairie dogs and deer, who fortunately run away from cars unlike Australia's beloved but dumb kangaroo who jump into them instead. I ended up in Telluride for lunch. Think I may have to learn to ski … Continue reading Telluride

Colorado Lost

A few years ago I got lost in Colorado, driving through small towns, passing abandoned mines and haunted Indian villages etched in stone. Getting the feeling I need to visit again, one day

Places I Love – Mesa Verde Colorado

One of the more unique (and less known I suggest) is Mesa Verde National Park. The ancient home of the Pueblo Indians these houses were carved out some time in the 1190s.