Bodie California

During Sydney Lockdown my brain turns to another ghost town, that being Bodie in California. Full of abandoned vehicles, buildings and beautiful scenery. Once the border opens hope to get back there and spot me a ghost 👻

Places I Love – Yosemite USA

Yosemite National Park just celebrated its 130th birthday. My favourite national park

Places I Love – Lake Tahoe USA

One of the most pleasant sunsets I’ve experienced was on Lake Tahoe last summer. There is also a handy beach bar and a stool with my name on it 🍺

Places I Love – Yosemite USA

Hiking around the base of Big Sur in Yosemite… now that was a good year dam you Covid. One day will get back there again

Places I Love – Bodie USA

Hanging about the ghost town of Bodie in California waiting for AA to come and fix my car