Santa Cruz California

This is Santa Carla home of the vampires from "Lost Boys". If that sounds familiar it's because the lead song was by Aussie legendary singers Jimmy Barnes and Michael Hutchens. Just as famous back home as that other Aussie rock band ACDC. Ive been bitten by a vampire so before I turn I've decided to … Continue reading Santa Cruz California


Big Sur California

The Big Siur along Highway One is regarded as the most spectacular Highway road trip on the USA. A windy road, bridges, beaches and mountains yeah I guess it goes alright. It also has a mysterious fog even though it was a warm Californian Summer day.

Oregon to California

Drove down Highway 1 and 101 through Eureka onto San Francisco. Passed the largest trees in the world and pretty sure the world largest orange bridge. Even found Bigfoot.

Mojave Lava Tube

10 miles off road in the middle of the Mojave I headed for the Lava Tube or cave. I wasnt expecting this kind of light, amazing.

Mojave Cave

In the middle of the Mojave Desert about 10 miles off the road up a dirt track I found this cave. Take a look, it's pretty special.