Made it to Los Angeles

After a seemingly endless flight I made it to Los Angeles. This is the first stop on my road trip across the USA in 2022. I picked up a rental car, checked into the hotel located in West Hollywood, then hit a few dive bars on the Boulevard...... After 30 or so hours of no … Continue reading Made it to Los Angeles

The Getty Gallery Los Angeles

The Getty Gallery in Los Angeles is celebrating 25 years, atunning. Will be blogging after I get over my jetlag, still trying to work out TikTok


On a hot summer day at home I think back to another place which for me is close as perfect can be. Yosemite National Park with lush valleys, lakes and lmountains, lots of very very big mountians. Hiking them is bloody exhausting, see you again soon.

Bodie California

One thing I love about the USA are ghost towns, they are everywhere. I've been lucky to visit one of the better ones, Bodie. Hopefully will be back to the USA later this year to see a few more ghost towns 👻👻👻

Bodie California

During Sydney Lockdown my brain turns to another ghost town, that being Bodie in California. Full of abandoned vehicles, buildings and beautiful scenery. Once the border opens hope to get back there and spot me a ghost 👻