Places I Love – Point or Ayr Wales

Alone in northern Wales sits this boarded up lighthouse near the village of Talacre. It's also haunted and looks really cool with this black and white filter 👻

Places I Love – Weston-super-Mare England

Here is another lovely and quaint English beachside town Weston-super-Mare in Sommerset which is a few miles from Bristol.... and that cheeky bugger of a seagull stole my chips

Bristol England

The Riverwalk in Bristol

Endless Roaming 2019 – Thanks for Following

Yosemite USA So time to say goodbye to 2019, it’s been a fantastic year of travel and many firsts. The first is creating this blog and I appreciate everyone who has supported me, followers and friends. I've enjoyed sharing these experiences through both writing blogs and sharing photographs. I only wish that Id started blogging … Continue reading Endless Roaming 2019 – Thanks for Following


Roaming Southern England – Portsmouth, Brighton and Winchester

Continuing my Roam along the south coast of England from Portsmouth to Brighton and last but not least Winchester. Ive been enjoying more sunshine, taking in more Piers and sharing a few beers with Merlin from King Authurs Court, hope you enjoy the read