Isolation in Time of Corona

After the recent discover of my new found “Passion” for jogging I decided to step it up to something a little more intense, cross country. Cross country for the uninitiated brings all the boring elements that is jogging and adds a few extras such as hills, snakes and rocks to trip over and hurt oneself.

I headed down to Botany National Park, if not familiar with Botany Bay its where Captain Cook first anchored in what is now named Australia.

Fortunately the snakes feared me and slithered away, the rocks did not trip me and I managed to get up the hills. I have included a few snapshots of the park while pausing during my run to hyperventilate.

Botany Bay Headlands
A white structure overlooking a container ship in Botany Bay
A gun emplacement
Arty image of an alien in the gun emplacement
See I finished Cross Country
I couldn’t resist the King Ice Cream truck
No risk no reward