Bend Oregon

After are tasty breakfast it was time to tour the local active volcano. Then head down the pitch black lava tunnel full of bats which was pretty eerie with only a torch in my hand. Next trek up a mountain for amazing views then head back to Bend and it's twisting river. Finally walk about … Continue reading Bend Oregon


Bend Oregan USA

Relaxing by the river before heading to Bend Brewfest

Roaming the USA 2019 – Bend to Spokane

Thought I should get one more blog in before the end of 2019. These are highlights from my trip through Oregan into Washington State, the Bend Brewers Fest, Mt Hood, Columbia Gorge, Stonehenge (seriously), Walla Walla and finally Spokane, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

First few days on the road out of Portland headed to a beer festival in Bend, then past Mt Hood, the Columbia Gorge and onto the fields of gold surrounding Walla Walla