Milwaukee Wisconsin

Spent the night touring Milwaukee which is essentially drinking beer. Passed the Fonzie Statue, drank PBR, Miller and Schiltz. Hit up a variety of bars, pizza and met a lot of friendly locals. Need to head back there one day and find out what else there is to do.

Breweries Asheville

This is one of a gazillion breweries in Asheville and most likely it's most famous, Sierra Nevada home of the Torpedo. After being chased by bears this is where I like to chill for a frothy brew.

Places I Love – Jacmel Haiti

When wandering the streets of Jacmel I ran across this beer truck... Mmm have a good weekend everyone

Roller Derby, the Alamo, a Man Falling Dead, food, music and beers, you can have it all in Austin Texas

I love Austin, these are some of the highlights, the Austin Weird Festival, food trucks, bars, shopping and the Roller Derby

Enjoying a Few Beers in Nashville and Memphis Tennessee

These are the highlights from my trip to Tennessee, music, beer and a few tours along the way