Places I Love – Cappadocia Turkey

All those black dots in the rocks are actually houses built thousands of years ago. This is Cappadocia in Central Turkey including amazing rock foundations and underground cities. I love visiting Turkey

Places I Love – Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

One of the closest active volcanos I’ve roamed to

Places I Love – Conor Pass Ireland

It was a warm 35 degree sunny day in June 2019 when I drove over Conor Pass heading for the town of Dingle. What a spectacular drive and what a beautiful view

Places I Love – The Grand Canyon Arizona USA

It doesn’t get more epic than the Grand Canyon, this was taken in 2016.

Mount Rushmore – South Dakota USA

As the USA heads into July 4 I can’t think of anything more iconic that represents this than Mount Rushmore. This was taken during my road trip across the USA in 2012, a safer time for all travelers.