Surf’s Up Port Macquarie

With a cyclone anchored of the coast of Queensland the surf along the East Coast is hectic and dangerous. If you can’t surf then hike, these are a few snapshots

Bright Victoria

A few weeks ago spent a few days in beautiful Bright near the Victorian NSW Border. As you can see it’s stunning. Looking forward to a roadtrip soon for the Christmas holidays.

Yarra Bay Sydney

First summer day in Sydney for a while so headed for Yarra Bay for a schnitzel, schooner and swim

Salt Lake Utah

On this cold and windy Sydney day my mind turns to somewhere completely different, Salt Lake. First Salt Lake City and chilling out at the Mormon Church after chugging few beers in the bar. The next day crusing down to Salt Lake for a swim where you can float without paddling as your boardies turn into cardboard (so much salt). Then after a sunbake thinking about meat pies as you dodge the Buffalo that wander the park. See you again sometime.

Road Trip USA Summer 2022

Its been nearly 3 years since I’ve left Australia (dam Covid) and for me there is nothing more fun than planning a road trip. Well maybe one thing, taking that trip. Figure a few months should do it, starting and finishing in Las Vegas with some favourite stops and random bars along the way. It’s time for some new content and stories Maybe I’ll catch up with you along the way.

In the meantime old content, photos of the amazing Horseshoe Bend. Will be heading back there for another bo peep and tubing on the Colorado River. Amazing fun.