Places I Love – Royal National Park Sydney

Figured I’d go for a drive today to the Royal National Park. First Garie Beach for a hike and view a bush regeneration project I worked on a few years ago. Then onto Wattamolla Beach for a small waterfall swim.

Endless Roaming – Australia

The photos are old and it was a while ago, here are some highlights driving around Australia for a year. I met great people, experienced fantastic places and had multiple careers including kitchenhand, bartender, fruit picker and garbo. Will take a little road trip again soon

In Times of Corona

Unfortunately I’m still waiting for a time when I can travel. Isolation and working from home however has allowed me to focus on new skills… such as getting to work in under 30 seconds

Places I Love – Cockatoo Island

The remainder of my photos of the Bienale on Cockatoo Island Sydney from yesterday. Australia’s largest contemporary arts festival on a former shipyard

Places I Love – Cockatoo Island

Went on the ferry to the UNESCO site Cockatoo Island, an old shipping yard that is converted into an interactive art show. The Bienale is on every two years and is the largest festival of contemporary art in Australia

I’ll post more photos tomorrow, spent my time messing around with camera filters