Arts and Crafts Asheville

It was time to leave Asheville, I could of stayed for months and barley scratched the surface. The breweries are fantastic, people are friendly and the hiking ain't bad either. Something else I was impressed by is the art and crafts, it was everywhere and for sale. I bought some pieces but sadly didn't have … Continue reading Arts and Crafts Asheville


Asheville Gardens and by the River

Asheville has a Velodrome, also an arts festival was on. I was also impressed by the Bonsai Trees, Thomas the Tank Engine and big ass spider webs.

Hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway

Such a beautiful place to hike, just watch out for bears.

Downtown Asheville

Downtown Asheville is a mix of old brown brick buildings, both in use and abandoned by the river. There is the Botanical Gardens and a large iron. The shopping is decent too.

Breweries Asheville

This is one of a gazillion breweries in Asheville and most likely it's most famous, Sierra Nevada home of the Torpedo. After being chased by bears this is where I like to chill for a frothy brew.