Vik Iceland in Black and White

I’ve now returned from the USA and it looks like I’ll be staying in Sydney for a while. To keep Endless Roaming’s content fresh on Insta, Twitter and WordPress, I’ll be reposting old photos taken on my travels. 

What makes it more titillating however… wait for it, photos will be filtered in Black and White. Figure old photos taken with my camera phone filtered in artistic B/W is a great compromise when not travelling. Included will be sarcastic commentary from locations around the world. This is Endless Roaming staying put (for a while).

First photo, this cave is at Black Beach in Vik Iceland. I started with this photo for obvious reasons, its Black Beach and keeps with the them of Black and White. This Photo was taken early in the morning on my Samsung S9, it was freezing cold and the local cafe wasn’t open. For all you nerds out there it’s also a Game of Thrones location My socks were wet and I was in need of coffee.


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