Detroit Michigan

Arrived in Detroit as the sun was going down, two storm fronts collided meaning walking through the rain. The streets turned pink and blue.


12 thoughts on “Detroit Michigan

  1. Make sure you hit up belle isle, there’s a beach where you can swim in the Detroit river and see the view, take the q-line tram to campus martius, have Greek food in Greek town, great Irish pub there too, go to a tiger’s game, great restaurants all around

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    1. Cheers thanks Beth, going to miss the game as heading out tomorrow. Hit up Bell Isle this morning then the Ford Museum. In old Shillelagh in Greek Town the moment and will visit Detroit Arts tomorrow. Spent the day also wandering Downtown and checking out Packard Factory, Love Detroit

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      1. Five hours sounds about right! And another seven hours for the village, including the Model T ride :). I want to come there again soon and see everything I didn’t have time for!

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