USA Road Trip Half Way Complete Cocoa Beach

For those that have been following my blog I’ve reached half way on Road Trip USA. Coincidentally I have now reached the East Coast, Cocoa Beach in Florida. Starting in Los Angeles I’ve calculated distance traveled roughly 8300km or 5300 miles. For any hiking buffs I’ve also managed around 11km per day of huffing and puffing around parks and city streets in this rather hot and humid American heatwave.

Ive broken Keto and cannot seem to stop eating so hopefully the hiking can nullify the calaroie intake, sigh will see when I get home. In the meantime the food has been fantastic and I’ve attempted to consume a wide variety of local dishes including Jumbaliya, Red Beans, Gumbo, Texmex, Barbecue, Green Chilli, Tacos, S’mores, Alligator, The Colonel, Waffle House, Taco Bell and Macca’s .

There have been so many highlights which I wont rehash at this time (just look at the blog ). I’ll be heading up the Florida Coast now into South Carolina before cutting inland up to Michigan, west to Oregan and eventually back to California.  As indicated it’s now half way through and there is plenty more to enjoy and do.

PS… thanks for the rocket show Elon Musk and Space X down at Cocoa Beach. It’s been a long drive but wasnt expecting the fanfare. Cocoa Beach is so much fun, bars, waves, food, rockets, love it and want to come back one day.


4 thoughts on “USA Road Trip Half Way Complete Cocoa Beach

  1. The food is my favorite part of traveling! My girlfriend and I are on our own road trip around the border of the United States. We are on bicycles though! I did love Florida and it’s springs. We are in Michigan now.

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    1. Cool I’ll check out your site. I’m heading Michigan in a week or so then driving to the West Coast and back to LA where I started out. The food is so good. Bikes that’s hardcore


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