USA Roadtrip First 3 Weeks

It’s been over 3 weeks since I started my road trip across the USA and it’s been hectic and a lot of fun. I’ve racked up just over 3400 miles and have hit up plenty of cities, bars and National Parks. The States I’ve visited include California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and now in St Louis Missouri.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Nashville, then onto Memphis and New Orleans. Figure by then all the driving, hiking, antique stores, food and drinking will have killed my liver so will be looking to rest up for a week or so by the beach. Im debating between Tampa and Myrtle Beach (probably both). If anyone has any coastal suggestions in Florida and or South Carolina I’m all ears???

I’m deviating from my plan (spreadsheet) as one shouldn’t travel by Excel and the USA is undergoing a heatwave so the beach is required. Still aiming to hit Philly, Cleveland , Chicago and Detroit later August/September. Then back West to Oregan and South.

There is so much more to look forward too and hope you’re enjoying the photos, been to busy to blog in detail but figure that can wait till I get home. Have a good one and maybe see you on the road


22 thoughts on “USA Roadtrip First 3 Weeks

      1. Well then, if you are thinking surfing in Florida, research a bit. Calm oceans when days are hot. Although you might have good luck on the east side – look at Sebastian Inlet. (although the east coast is more sedate (less lively) than Tampa, and west!

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  1. Love your adventures. When you’re heading to Detroit Make sure you visit the train station, the big fist (Joe Louis), Belle Isle, the Fisher Building (inside), the Q and the People Mover, Greektown at night (isn’t like it use to be), and get a Coney Dog at American Coney z island.

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