Austin More BBQ

This is Franklin’s Barbecue, the line went around the corner and I needed to wait for an hour to get served. I ordered brisket and pulled pork, currently suffering a meat coma. Franklin is a genius, the food is transcendent and very keto.


13 thoughts on “Austin More BBQ

  1. Oh gheesh, you are only an hour and a half away from the migrants crossing the border. I mean bbq is always nice, but you are sooooo close. And you have mad landscape pic skills. Salty I know. But for the supposed economy collapse, people are in lines for expensive bbq. You are challenging the narrative Ausie! (have a blast)

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  2. I think I’ve seen Franklin Barbecue before, on a YouTube video from a travel vlogger I watch. Line was also out the door in the video, but I’m sure the wait for you was well worth it!

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  3. If your appetite can handle it, Leroy and Lewis is also top level amazing. Their Q is less traditional and includes mind blowing beef cheeks and an incredible smoked burger. Along with Franklin, a mandatory stop when in Austin.

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