Made it to Los Angeles

After a seemingly endless flight I made it to Los Angeles. This is the first stop on my road trip across the USA in 2022. I picked up a rental car, checked into the hotel located in West Hollywood, then hit a few dive bars on the Boulevard……

After 30 or so hours of no sleep I woke up jetlagged and refreshed. The first thing to do was to check out Griffith Park and Observatory around the corner from where the hotel. As you can see it’s spectacular, you can view most of LA (well what’s not blanketed in pollution) and in the distance the famous Hollywood sign.


16 thoughts on “Made it to Los Angeles

  1. Hi Dave…could we be rude enough to suggest you take a look at our recent posts. We’re also touring California but we’re a couple of weeks ahead of you so it might be of interest. In San Francisco at the minute. In the meantime enjoy your trip!

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