Post COVID Travel USA 2022 June 29 to Sept 20

For those that have been following for a while you know I have been landlocked in Australia for the past 3 or so years thanks to COVID, much like a lot of us. Now with flights opening up it’s time to go the road again, I’ve decided on the good old USA for a 3 month road trip. I have spent a while in the USA previously but nothing as expansive as this.

As work is grinding to a halt I’m spending the company time planning the road trip, much more constructive than actually doing my job  No doubt I’ll stray from this itenary like I usually do but it’s always good to have a fair idea of what I want to do. There will be plenty of stops along the way, some old and some new.

The old will include some of my faves like checking into the Flamingo in Las Vegas for July 4. Hopefully this time I manage to avoid an Elvis Chappel Wedding to a random. Looking forward to Austin Texas with its amazing barbecue, music and sunsets. Of course also Portland with its amazing donuts, bike race riding and tattoos.

On my itenary there will be new, but to find out what that is you will need to read the blog, check the photos and I’ll also be attempting short videos (Tictac whatever that is 😕) for the first time. I need a hand with hashtags post COVID travel, I’ve created these but if you have any ideas feel free to contribute?



Maybe I’ll see you out there on the USA’s scenic byways, parks and towns 🍺🍺🍺


25 thoughts on “Post COVID Travel USA 2022 June 29 to Sept 20

  1. Been getting cabin fever in UK so hope you have an amazing time – as I write I am planning a USA road trip and will be starting mine as yours closes. In the past I have been to some of the places you mention & it brings back great memories. If you get to drive over the Astoria bridge its awesome.

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    1. Nice one can’t wait to hit the road. Yeah hoping to go north of Portland to Olympic Park and then circle back down the Coast through Astoria and keep on going


      1. better shots come from John Hancock, although it’s lower – check it out. And visit the Riverwalk, especially later in the evening :)))

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  2. I cannot believe I lost my chance to marry a man who loves colored spreadsheets as much as I do…ARGH!!! I drive my family crazy with these itineraries…well done. So sad that we’ll not be in Nashville at the same time (fyi, Red Hot Chili Peppers Aug 14th…) and looks like Virginia isn’t on your list, next time!

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    1. Lol I love spreadsheets, something to do to pass the time while “at work”. I rarely keep to the itinerary but love doing the preliminary research. I’ve been throwing these together since 1999

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  3. Glad to see you’ll be in Vegas soon! Hope your trip goes well and you enjoy it to the max, POST-COVID!

    I’ve been a Vegas regular (not on purpose, jut the way life goes haha) and just came back from a trip there last week! Looks like you already have your plans, but I’ve put together some observations about Vegas I’ve seen happen in recent years (good stuff imo!) and tips for handling Vegas in current times… feel free to check it out if it interests you! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the info wow you love Vegas, very informative. Healthy food sounds like the go. Just got here last night and staying at the Flamingo, it’s my favourite go to casino. Fortunately I don’t gamble so will be checking out other things 😄


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