Getting “Shredded” for the USA

Recenly I have switched to a Keto diet to get shredded (lose weight) as I am heading to the USA thjs June The diet consists of butter, cheese, eggs, bacon, vodka and selzter. With this strict dietry regimin and daily strolls around the park, kilograms are fading away.

A lighter trimmer self means following my favourite pursuits in the USA. This includes driving, vintage shopping, tattoo parlours and hiking in National Parks. Mostly I’m looking forward to restaurants such as Taco Bell, IHOP and White Castle. Then after a hard day time for Keto Texan Barbecue and rehydration at a Dive Bar. I can’t bloody wait.


8 thoughts on “Getting “Shredded” for the USA

  1. That is impressive Dave. Well done. I need to get back on the low carb diet again because since my horse riding accident before Christmas the kilos are piling on. My husband did really well. A good hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs to last until tea time seems to work and cut out wine, bread and pasta! You have inspired me to get back on track before my next adventure!

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    1. Nice one yeah been on the diet for a few weeks now. It’s tiring but really effective for the moment anyway. Once I head to the USA for my holiday in June I think the lure of pancakes and donuts may be very tempting

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  2. I just spent 3 weeks in France, drinking wine and eating all sorts of great food (including loads of bread)–but very little pasta, potatoes or rice. I gained no weight, so I think there is something to be said of the French diet.

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