Mmm July Maybe

Im missing the old USA so thinking July maybe to go and check it out again. Plans starting to form, have a good weekend from Dave

14 thoughts on “Mmm July Maybe

    1. They have the Rapid Antigen Test at Sydney airport prior to taking off. Would be very bad luck to contract Covid between take off and landing. Just waiting to see there isn’t some new strange wave of Covid in the next few months

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  1. Shoshone Falls. No-one knows about those in Australia. Not even friends whose family live in Idaho know about these. Loved how after driving for hours through flat farm fields, you come across that bridge and go WTF!! Where did the Twin Falls come from!! One side flat land, then the bridge comes out of nowhere and the other side a mall!! Then down the road those spectacular falls. Only in the USA.

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    1. Lol not sure many of us Aussies know about Idaho, it’s not exactly well known amongst my mates. It was crazy and amazing, hit the bar up later and sure enough few people had met an Aussie, love the area, hoping to be back there later this year


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