Surf’s Up Port Macquarie

With a cyclone anchored of the coast of Queensland the surf along the East Coast is hectic and dangerous. If you can’t surf then hike, these are a few snapshots


6 thoughts on “Surf’s Up Port Macquarie

  1. Lovely photos Dave. We stayed in Port Macquarie in 2016 and really enjoyed our time there. Shelly Beach was a favourite spot to just sit and relax watching the lace monitors. I would love to hop over the border again for a visit but staying put in my little bit of paradise in Victoria’s High Country. At the moment it is being loved to death by all the Melbourne people escaping to the countryside! Who would have thought that we would not be free to travel with ease in our own country over two years ago? Take care Dave. Hopefully we will get to travel far and wide in the near future.

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    1. North Coast is the region I grew up and I get to Port as often as I can. I was down in Bright about a month ago, wonderful countryside. I really just want to get out of Australia for a while and do some overseas, sigh one day

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      1. My Facebook memories keep taunting me with photos of special times spent abroad Dave! Maybe one day not too far off we can again. If you get down Mansfield way, I can buy you a beer!

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