While in Sydney Lockdown with a wee hangover and heading to work in the loungeroom, my mind turns to Savannah. Walking the Savannah River as sunset, heading to a bar, the next day wandering historical Old Town hungover to the Capitol. Then Fort Jackson to watch people shoot cannons. Now that’s the way to spend the day hungover


4 thoughts on “Savannah

  1. Ugh! Stupid lockdown! We are not in lockdown, but we are in Texas where thousands of people are illegally crossing the border each day, and cars and trucks are being stolen out of our neighborhoods every night. We’ve never seen this level of crime before. I hope your lockdown ends soon.

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    1. Think it’s due to finish in a few weeks, it’s been going for 3 months now. Can’t wait for it to end, it’s been the second time in the past few years. Hoping to get out and travel again and make my way back to the US for a roadtrip


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