Bucharest Romania

In Covid Lockdown and Sydney’s sunny day turns to rain my mind turns to beautiful Bucharest. This includes the worlds heaviest building, Parliament House. Walking the magnificent old town, a first class taxi service and quality coffee at the mall. Love you Bucharest


12 thoughts on “Bucharest Romania

  1. Hi Dave! I have been reading your new post about Bucharest and just hit me..it is such wrong information and also impression.. Bucharest is the capital city of Romania, being neighbor to Bulgaria, having Sophia as capital city, both countries in Eastern Europe. We are distinctive people and cultures having different languages, customs and everything else. Bucharest has changed so much since your last visit, when was that? 10-15 years ago? ..it is a lot more, I know that because I live in Bucharest!

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    1. Apologies about that, your right it was 2012 so a while ago. Types early this morning and wasn’t thinking about it to much. Made the correction this morning. Again apologies 🤦


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