Eastlakes Shopping Centre

It twere a lovely Sunny Sunday and I was driving to the beach when I spotted a sign by the side of the road, Eastlakes Shopping Centre. It was time for lunch and a chocolate Moove so I pulled on in. I love adventure and this was my first visit to this enchanting place, needless to say I didn’t end up making it to the beach. I’m Dave and this is my story.

Kebabs was the first shop to catch my eye, tastefully decorated orange and yellow the colours were vibrant and inviting. I’d already eaten a kebab about 10 hours before for breakfast (1AM) after one beer at my local pub, the Townie. I wouldn’t usually double up so soon on something so healthy but a restaurant named Kebab couldn’t be turned down. It was tasty and delicious and I’d made a good decision. The massage chair out the front also proved useful.

Around the corner I became alarmed when I can across a dead pot plant. However my concern faded away as I was entranced by a pink neon, I’d found Super Donuts, how could I resist? I couldn’t and tell you what, the donut exceeded expectations, it was super fantastis, chocolate and full of cream. Who needs a Crispy Creme when you can eat one of these bad boys, simply scrumptious.

After desert it was time to do a little shopping, I was loving the authentic retro feel of the centre, apart from electricity there was little modern about the place. It was like stepping back into the 1980s or a tv episode of Stranger Things. I purchased my meats from this authentic butcher then headed to the deli next door and picked up a few packets of punjena paprika (stuffed pepper) and semolina. I was pumped.

Next up Budget Busters, now this was intriguing and as you can see from the photo I have picked up some excellent bargains. A water jug, planet globe, oven mittens, egg rings, chess board and novelty lighters. There was also a plastic lemon tree for sale which I’ll have to come back for, maybe I’ll donate it to the Super Donut store with its dead plant. You just don’t know what you need until you hit up Budget Beaters and imagjne all this under $50 bucks. Winning is the word that comes to mind.

I then hit up the Boutique Store, no pretension label or chain name here like you get in Westfield’s. All items were $30 dollars or less so I decided on this rather fashionable hat, its coming into winter after all. After my purchase the store clerk said I looked pretty cool and I agree I think I look pretty cool too. Colour me happy.

After 5 hours or so (apologies beach) I exited and wandered passed this neat little store “Astrology Healing” wow so mysterious. The extra bonus is they “Speak Greek”. Now I don’t speak Greek but it’s good to know if I ever learn the language I have somewhere to go to know my future. I don’t need an Astrologer to tell me however that I will be spending more time at Eastlakes. For now readers Yassass which is goodbye, look I’m leaning Greek already.


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