Byron Bay Australia

Few photos today from Byron Bay


14 thoughts on “Byron Bay Australia

  1. Great place. Love that stretch of coastline. I’ll probably never see it again but great memories of numerous past visits. I heard they were going to make the railway line into some kind of long distance walking track. I was in Murwillumbah when the very last train to Sydney left. I did a trip on it once. If I recall correctly I arrived in Sydney on day one of the new millenium.

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      1. I go up there three or so times a year. I’m originally from Port Macquarie so been around the costs a while. I love the nature, the alternative lifestyle and also the live music every night of the week. Also the accessibility to Queensland

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      2. From Byron it is not far to the Goldie. I used to drive to Coffs Harbour a fair bit. It was five hours drive – and then overnight. Port was just that little bit further on, so have not been there for years and years.

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