Places I Love – New Orleans

I love New Orleans in the evening taking in the New Orleans Cemetery and Louise Armstrong Park with a little bit of Voodoo. Then doing the river walk along the Mississippi as the sun goes down. Onto Jacksons Square and the amazing St Loius Cathereral to visit one of many fortune tellers. Then it’s time for Frenchman and Bourbon Street for some creole cooking, pumping live jazz and slurping on Hurricanes till the sun rises again, amazing


9 thoughts on “Places I Love – New Orleans

  1. I love, love New Orleans, even though I’ve only been once! Must go back in this lifetime, for sure! Stayed at chain hotel at the outskirts first night of journey like a regular person, but spent the rest of the trip in the French Quarter and felt like a queen. Beautiful city and my favorite in the South!

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  2. New Orleans is very unique, different from any other city in the US. I was reading about it in an article today. They cannot have Mardi Gras this year because of the pandemic, so many people are decorating their houses like floats. People can walk by and they will throw beads out of the attic windows. They are calling it Yardi Gras. Only in New Orleans.

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    2. Wow that’s pretty cool thanks for telling me. It’s definitely one of the places I love most in the USA, haven’t been for a few years and once the pandemic is over hope to get back there, long way from Australia


  3. Great pictures…thanks for bringing New Orleans to my brain today. What an amazing city. There’s just so much to love about NOLA, the food, the music, the people, the vibe, the history…hands-down it’s my favourite place in the US.

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