Places I love – Detroit Michigan

I love Detroit it’s kind of run down with abandoned buildings and urban decay. But there is also some fantastic structures such as the Fisher building made of limestone, marble and granite. The Detroit Institute of Arts with is world class collection including a my personal favourite Andy Warhol. And much like Joe Biden, Detroit is stating to make a come back, hope to see it again one day


10 thoughts on “Places I love – Detroit Michigan

  1. I visited Detroit a couple of years ago, I was positively surprised how much the city centre had escaped the clichés of a city in decline. I found the facilities in good order and a lot of attention paid to making life pleasant.

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  2. I went to a writer’s conference there some years ago and was happy to make it out alive. It was far worse than I had imagined, and they really tried to show us the good parts. I’ll give you the Detroit Institute of Art is a fabulous place and the ball park is a… well, ball park. I thought the Andy Warhol Museum was in Pittsburgh, at least that’s where it was when I saw it. Are you sure you were in Detroit?

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    1. The painting was in the Art Museo, haven’t been to Pittsburgh. Yeah it was dangerous when I visited, stayed in the Downtown area at night and visited Corktown. Stayed in the car driving around during the day


  3. Detroit? Or as the locals call it, Dee troit. I wish you were right but I can tell you that Dee troit has been trying to make a comeback for 40 years, at least. No reason to go there that I can think of, except a Delta flight connection at its fabulous airport. Or to see the Yankees play the Tigers, of course.

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