Places I Love – Port Macquarie

Back to work in a few weeks so beforehand figure I’d check out northern NSW. The first stop is my hometown of Port Macquarie. With its amazing beaches and ocean rainforest, it’s also the home of Australian body boarding (my cuz was world champ) so is a great place to surf. I ran across friends from Sydney and it’s been a few quality days. Now heading north slowly towards Byron Bay


9 thoughts on “Places I Love – Port Macquarie

  1. I can’t believe it, mate. I’ve followed you “around the world,” via your awesome WordPress blog, only to find out we’re both from Port?! (Born there in 1980)

    I haven’t been back there in years! (I moved to the Central Coast, and then later down to Wollongong, where I am now.

    Your shots of Lighthouse Beach, Towns and The Hastings River were like trips down memory lane.

    I went to Westport (primary & high).
    What about you?

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