Places I Love – Oahu Hawaii

After a brief 3 month holiday ๐Ÿ˜‰ through Central America and the USA I found myself in Oahu briefly and heading home. With its mix of cultures, nature, sunsets and “advanced shirt making tutorials” need to head back one day and do more exploring.


19 thoughts on “Places I Love – Oahu Hawaii

  1. O’ahu is like an island for the price of two. On one side Honolulu, with its grand hotels, skyscrapers and clean suburbs, the exact replica of the mainland. But on the other side of the volcano, it’s a green island with rocky coasts, small houses made of wood and tin, with fighting rooster rings.

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  2. A “brief 3 month holiday” is an oxymoron haha. To me, three months is an adventure! Never been to Hawaii, but I’m fascinated with the state’s distinctive culture vastly different from the continental US, as it has a heavy Japanese/Pacific Islander identity that encompasses much of the islands’ culture. Perhaps one day I’ll go and see for myself!

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    1. Lol maybe not that brief, took me a few years of work to save up the annual leave for that particular trip, was also good to have a job to go back to. I want to see more of Hawaii, the other islands as well

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  3. I have never been to Hawaii and it was on my bucket list..unfortunately is not a priority for my travelmates…can you provide me with a good reaosn to visist Hawaii that may help me persuading them to consider travelling there?

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    1. Wonderful waterfalls, beautiful flowers, volcano, interesting animals (wild pigs on one of the islands) and great restaurants and night life in Honolulu. Beautiful beaches, surfing and golf courses, if you are into that kind of thing. Indigenous crafts and art. I have been twice–once to Honolulu (stayed at a beach hoes) and once on a cruise.

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