Places I Love – Almaty Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is now running a tourism campaign embracing Borat, my experience there last year was that Borat was despised but now it seems times have changed. To quote the character Kazakhstan ”Its very nice”


4 thoughts on “Places I Love – Almaty Kazakhstan

  1. Again, I’m keen on going to Kazakhstan some day. That church is bursting with color, and I’d love to head over to see it for myself. Keep the travel photos coming; I’m starved of travel at the moment!

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  2. Love your posts… BTW, your cover photo is Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River, near Lake Powell??? We did an extensive cross country trip that included the Lake Powell area. My wife had broken her leg while mountain biking in Alaska, but still wanted to do the remainder of the trip. We got her a wheelchair and spent 8 more weeks making it home on the east coast. She couldn’t make the trip to the bend on those gravel roads, so we took a helicopter flight to the top of one of the mesas, and a flyover the dam and the bend. Your pic is spectacular.

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    1. It sure is, think I was there in 2017, wouldn’t mind going onto the river but was crusing to Vegas for a last hurrah before heading home to Sysney. Wow that’s a lot of effort, bit of a struggle in a wheelchair I’d imagine. Alaska hey I’m jealous, hope to get there one day

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