Places I Love – Paris

I started my first trip to Paris in 1999 and have been back four times since. These are a few of my favourite pics, the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame


8 thoughts on “Places I Love – Paris

  1. I have spent part of my life in Paris, I can only understand the attraction that the city holds. There is the aesthetic beauty of the great monuments, there is the complexity of a long history, there are so many aspects to discover that everyone can find something there.

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  2. I must’ve visited Paris dozens of times throughout my four years in France. Yet, every time I return, I always discover something new to the city. It’s one of those places that you could spend a lifetime in and still not see everything. I miss Paris dearly, and I hope to return some day when it’s safe to travel again!

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  3. I’ve visited 7 times and was booked to return last spring before COVID put an end to my plans. Can’t get enough of the place. I’ve come to favor the smaller museums of which there are many. Free exhibits abound as well. I’d love to live there for several months at a minimum. I’m grateful, however, for the time I’ve been able to enjoy in the city of lights so far.

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