The Dream

Here is a map of some epic National Parks in the USA, a 14,000 mile roadtrip Won’t be this year but will do it one day when this Covid mess is in the dustbin.


30 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. We just drove to New Mexico from Bay Area. Smoke & haze all through California and even hazy in Arizona. We just got here, not a great year for California 😦 We couldn’t even go outside the few days before driving out with air quality & ash.

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      1. I was thinking of that with our fires, the terrain is probably similar. From what I see on FB posts and the crowds seemingly everywhere, the national parks are being bombarded more than ever! From what I’ve seen the past few days, Harley sales are up here too.

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  2. I’m always telling other travel bloggers how lucky they are to live where they do, but looking at your map is a good reminder that I live in a pretty great place, too. No, it’s not as close to those national park clusters as I would like (Minnesota), but I can get to them much more easily than international travelers, especially during COVID. Thanks!

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    1. Yeah not sure when they will let Aussies back into America, could be a while. I’ve done a lot of these parks already but always keen to do it again. Haven’t been up Minnesota way, fingers crossed one day

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