In Times of Corona

Unfortunately I’m still waiting for a time when I can travel. Isolation and working from home however has allowed me to focus on new skills… such as getting to work in under 30 seconds

6 thoughts on “In Times of Corona

  1. I have noticed that, in times of adversity such as we are immersed in now, the places that we sometimes take for granted, can be some of the most wonderful. I like seeing where you travel with the people and places you see. Maybe I am lucky that I live near to the countryside and can reach quiet within 10 minutes of walking. To stand in the middle of a field and watch the crows peck the ploughed furrows or the deer amble across the horizon is wonderful. Except, that is, if you are a beagle and have a hard wired prey drive that means I must try to chase them.

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    1. In Sydney to be honest the lock down isn’t that harsh, pubs and restaurants are open people can go shopping. Unfortunately not allowed to travel outside of my state where I’d like to spend time outdoors. One day

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