Thanks For Following

Hey followers thank you and now approaching 40,000 followers is real even if we can t travel.

If anyone out there wants advice information and or advice on places I’ve been or how I go about travel feel free to reach out.

PS if anyone’s a budding online capatilist and knows a way I can monetise this so I can actually travel endlessly I’m very much open to suggestion ๐Ÿ˜œ

Hope to have a book out soon


21 thoughts on “Thanks For Following

      1. Very good Dave.

        Do you make only a quick visit to those countries which you visit or do you become more deeply acquainted with those countries like traditions, customs, architecture, specialties, and even unique things that cannot be found in other countries?

        My country offers those unique things. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Happy new week!

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      2. Sometimes usually when I head overseas I take in a few countries I’ve not been to before and then visit friends in places I am familiar with. Last year I was overseas for 9 months and spent two in the United Kingdom and another 3 in Lagos Portugal. The rest of the trip was hauling a backpack and on the go

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  1. Hello.

    Thank you answering me and clarifying my question. Most interesting part of Portugal are Azores and Madeira, but this is my opinion. Both of these differ from each otherโ€™s, but offer cool experiences. Did you already visit my lesser-known country?

    Happy and safe travels!

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