Placed I Love – Yerevan Armenia

Maybe you will visit it one day, most likely sadly you won’t. This is the amazing Yerevan Cascade, one of the most amazing buildings I’ve had the opportunity to visit, stunning.


7 thoughts on “Placed I Love – Yerevan Armenia

  1. Like Georgia, is Armenia experiencing the same political unrest associated with Russia? It’s a shame that things aren’t so good right now, as I’ve heard of the country’s beauty, which I’d love to see one day.

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    1. Armenia is one of the poorest countries in the region, at war with Azerbaijan and devestated by thousands of years of war. There is old Communist abandoned building littering the countryside, doesn’t benefit from tourism like neighbouring Georgia and is still suffering the effects of the Armenian genocide.

      It is beautiful, the country side epic in mountain scale and the city kinda reminds me of Paris. Also has the world’s oldest Orthodox churches

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