Places I Love – Grand Tetons USA

Out of all the road trips I’ve been on my favourite photo is approaching the Grand Tetons in a convertible Mustang. It was an amazing road trip and a perfect day

13 thoughts on “Places I Love – Grand Tetons USA

    1. Wyoming is one place here in the U.S. that I have not had the pleasure of traveling. I have done a coast-to-coast road trip in my convertible a few years ago and it was one of my most memorable adventures. I plan to do another once all of the Covid-19 fears subside a bit. For a long time being here in the U.S. we have taken freedom of travel for granted. Covid-19 has changed that. Even taking small excursions to enjoy the wonders that surround me living on the Mid-Atlantic East Coast of the U.S. have to be logistically planned almost as carefully as you would have planned a trip to another country before Covid. I enjoyed your post.

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      1. Yes, Covid has changed many things not the least is the way we travel. And I agree, even short expeditions these days require planning! I hope once things settle down you’re able to enjoy another wonderful long road trip. Take care and stay well.

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      2. I think the USA is the best place to road trip. The towns are friendly and mostly unique, but mostly it’s the NPS and the amazing nature. I’ve driven both coasts and through the middle twice. In 2012 the Australian dollar was stronger than the US dollar so renting a convertible was a good price. Not so much now days, my last trip was in a Toyota. Nevertheless it’s not the car but the journey, happy travels when you can


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