Roaming Iceland – September 2017

A blog about Iceland I wrote previously for any new followers

Endless Roaming

If you have been reading you are aware that I have been blogging about Most of what I knew of Iceland was watching TV shows like Vikings or Game of Thrones. Their appearance in Euro Football, music (Bjork anyone) and of course documentaries showing how awesome the country is. I was Roaming the Globe in 2017 and in Northern England; I wanted to travel somewhere different and as Iceland is easily accessible; I planned a cunning five-day adventure across the country. Being an experienced solo traveler, I figured it best to do on my own rather than with an organised tour. This proved to be awesome, I found out there is one road or the Ring Road that goes around the country. There was not much traffic and was a wonderful way to drive listening to Iceland music on the radio. Local bands such as Sigur Ross an Icelandic…

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6 thoughts on “Roaming Iceland – September 2017

  1. Wow, looks like an amazing place and an epic adventure. That app sounds weird and interesting, but probably pretty helpful for the residents. I hope I can make it there to see that beautiful scenery someday.

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