Places I Love – Angkor Wat Cambodia

Wandering around the 12th century religious temple of Angkor Wat is a interesting and calming way to spend the day.


11 thoughts on “Places I Love – Angkor Wat Cambodia

  1. I believe you have seen everything that was on my bucket list and my second list! You are a blessed traveler and may we all be able to see the world and all of its glory again.

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    1. Best thing to do is not have a bucket list though unfortunately at the moment we can’t just pick a spot in the map and just go. The more I see the more I want to do. We’ll all get the opportunity again one day 🙂


  2. Good choice again. A great place to reflect on the rise and fall of civilizations. The main temples can be very crowded, but you can always find smaller ones and be on your own.

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  3. Beautiful picture! Haven’t been yet…was supposed to go before COVID. We had booked a trip her and Thailand and decided when things were starting to ramp up in Asia to go to Portugal. No regrets…but a future trip would be nice!


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