Places I Love – The Colosseum

One of the world’s greatest ancient wonders, the Roman Colosseum


8 thoughts on “Places I Love – The Colosseum

  1. I am Italian but i live far from Rome, however with the high speed train we manage to cover the 800 km distance in just 3 hours 50 minutes, non stop from Torino to Rome. It doesn’t matter how many times you might have seen the Colosseum. It always is an amazing view, especially if you get to Colle Oppio and you have the integer side before your eyes!!! trust me, it’s amazing.

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    1. Nice one my sister in-law is from Torino, I haven’t been there. It was my second visit there last year and had an amazing time. The Colosseum is my favourite place in Rome, was obsessed with Roman History in high school so amazing to experience something I studied so much years before, it’s amazing

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