Places I Love – Iguazu Falls

The most epic in size waterfalls I’ve seen have to be Iguazu in Argentina. There is so much force it’s like being constantly covered in mist


8 thoughts on “Places I Love – Iguazu Falls

  1. What is particular to Iguazu is the multiplicity of viewpoints. Most of the waterfalls are just a boring show always showing the same thing. Iguazu is different with so many waterfalls of various sizes and shapes over several kilometers. Not to mention the border with Brazil, which once crossed allows to have a completely different view of the same falls.

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  2. I visited Iguazù twice: the first time from Brazil. The view from the Brasilian side id more complete as you can see all the waterfalls from left to right. However when I went to the Argentina side you don0t simply see it but you are right inside the fall!!!! It was an amazing experience and the runway over the devil’s throat is something very unique that makes you feel the power of nature!!!

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