Isolation in Times of Corona -2042

Here are a few more photos of my neighbourhood of Newtown. As you can see there is a lots of graffiti in the area


19 thoughts on “Isolation in Times of Corona -2042

  1. Wow, some great graffiti, colors are really vibrant and captured by your excellent photos. Years ago I used to live in Sydney and do not remember much in the way of graffiti. Or any for that matter.

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    1. Newtown is near the centre of Sydney but isn’t often visited by tourists or expats. It’s the “alternative” area of Sydney and there is plenty of it about πŸ™‚


  2. There is some talent there vs. the graffiti we have here. Unfortunately, our graffiti relays no message except, they like to vandalize property and have no respect for others. They tag stop signs, sides of building and even railroad cars with spray paint writing their initials or some slang terms. I’d welcome the art that you’re seeing, any day! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. It’s definitely an art form here though maybe other areas in the city not so much. Graffiti for vandilization or just boredom is such a shame, needs to be redirected somehow πŸ‘


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