Isolation in Time of Corona

Since isolation started I have had to give up two of my favourite things, travel and pubs.

Instead I’ve had to resort to a new boring chore to get me out of the house, it’s called jogging. Not only is jogging boring, uninteresting, bad for the knees and pointless as I own a car. It also drains people of their sense of humour, personality and drives them slowly insane.

Fortunately it has opened up a new social group for me, geese. No social distancing required, a captive jovial audience and I get to control the entire conversation… which turns out is mostly about jogging…

Please hurry up and finish Covid I need a pub 🍻


20 thoughts on “Isolation in Time of Corona

  1. This made me laugh Dave. I actually like jogging, especially as it’s one of the only activities during which I can put on a podcast and actually concentrate. But hey, I hear ya. Unfortunately, jogging here in Siem Reap isn’t doable due to the burning heat, dusty roads, wild dogs and homicidal drivers. Then again, I have a pool, so that’ll do for the daily exercise. Stay healthy and safe.

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    1. I might of been egging it on a bit regarding jogging. I don’t mind doing it and there aren’t too many activities out there at the moment so I’m running more than I’d like. Siem Reap doesnt strike me as jogger friendly, maybe a few laps around Angkor Wat late evening. Stay safe

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    1. Fortunately the jogging became useful when the geese turned on me and started chasing.

      I’ve only seen them in Centennial Park in Sydney, they aren’t common to Sydney thankfully 🙂

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  2. No kidding. I am finally going a bit crazy with no travel, only local walks-hikes, masks, fear of? We are finally opening up a bit here in San Diego California. Thank God that soon things will be open.

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    1. Nice one, we are coming out of it slowly now, few more months and there borders should open. We will have in state travel next week which will be cool. Love San Diego, the Dueling Piano bar made an impression on me 🍻


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