Isolation in Times of Corona

As I can’t travel and I’m going a little stir crazy I’ve decided to convert my Holden Commodore into a portable hotel.

It looks like the Australian borders will be opening again sometime in June (touch wood) and I can get out on the road again.

An Esky, a few blankets and beer, presto I’m ready to go


33 thoughts on “Isolation in Times of Corona

  1. Sounds like Australia is promising for a re-opening; here in the US, it seems like we’re far from being safe from COVID-19. If we’re lucky, things will resume more-or-less normally this fall. Will you plan just to stay domestic, or will you hit the road internationally? Can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to!

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    1. I think our border will be shut for a few years or the Gov will form transport bubbles with other countries for Australians to travel too such as New Zealand and Vietnam. Places that supposedly have the virus under control. Apparently there will be a vaccine but thats not guaranteed. We hear a lot about what’s going on in the US, sounds crazy with so many cases. Fortunately our State and Federal Governments are speaking as one and are in lock step with medical advice. Our Gov also shut the borders 20 March. Will be a lot of road trips domestically for a while anyways. Stay safe πŸ™‚

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  2. We’re feeling the same way. But Wyoming just banned all out-of-staters from booking reservations in their state part campgrounds and Colorado has a new campaign to discourage out-of-staters from visiting. It’s heartbreaking, to say the least. I hope other states don’t follow suit.

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    1. All of our states are in lockdown at the moment and not allowed to travel far from home. It’s like life has been put on pause. Government figures the borders will open up again in a few months. Don’t think I’ll be leaving the country anytime soon. Happy I had a 2019 to travel, stay safe πŸ™‚


  3. I know the feeling. All of my major plans for the year were shelved. I was supposed to be headed to the UK the end of next week and I cancelled two cruises besides (one to Russia!). I’ll be happy to be able to get out of my state soon.

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    1. Unfortunately they stopped making these cars 3 years ago when our car industry died, Australian made Holden Commodore. The closest thing we have now is the German version, I think you guys call it the Buick Regal, not as cool though.😎

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