Isolation in Sydney – Opera House

If you have visited Australia you know what a drawcard this iconic Opera House is. I love this photo as it would normally be impossible to capture an image without a crowd


8 thoughts on “Isolation in Sydney – Opera House

  1. Have travelled mainly in Europe and work trip to South America but would love to travel further – would love to see Mongolia, parts of Russia and New Zealand and still hoping to make a road trip to Finland travelling through many countries as possible on the way there. For now a dream. You live in a beautiful part of the World, hope your animal population you lost in recent fires recovers – this was so terrible to hear about.

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    1. The fires were awful and then this came along, it’s been an awful 6 months. Fortunately it looks like we are getting on top of the virus but will see. I’ve managed to get to about 80 countries myself and that looks like it will be out on hold for a while. Give me chance to see more of Oz. Stay safe and I’m sure we will get out there again soonish πŸ™‚


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