ANZAC Day In Isolation

Usually we gather together to remember those that have fought for us in wartime. Remembering them including family that have participated in defending our Nation.

Usually this culminates in bars where the public and military gather to tell stories of the present and past. This includes drinking plenty of beer, watching “The Bombers play The Enemy” and betting on the game of Two Up.

In Isolation I find myself in Botany looking at Bare Island, an historic military fort active a long time ago. While I wish I was engaged in the remembrance and revelry that is ANZAC Day, this is still a pleasant way to reflect. “Lest We Forget”


3 thoughts on “ANZAC Day In Isolation

  1. Very apt post, and beautifully presented!

    Also, thank you so much Dave for following my blog! I have started writing again after many years and have been struggling with ideas given the current situation. To get the support of an established blogger such as you is extremely encouraging, thank you again!

    Cheers, Chandrima

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