Isolation in Time of Corona

Thanks to diet and exercise, but mostly the bar being shut, I’ve lost 7kg in a month and you can do it too. My dietary tips include

Breakfast – Don’t eat
Lunch – Don’t eat
Snacks – Don’t eat
Alcohol – Don’t drink
Dinner – A few boiled eggs, sugar free drink and blue cheese
Exercise – Run every day
Activities – play the banjo, write a blog

But most of all remember NO FUN, thanks Covid


20 thoughts on “Isolation in Time of Corona

  1. Haha I shouldn’t laugh but I’ve been on the same meal plan for the past couple of weeks… minus the running of course because I’m on the FULL malnourishment diet, none of those half measures you’re taking. πŸ˜‰ It’s a combination of laziness, not actually having access to food whenever I want it like I used to have, and adderall pretty much killing my appetite.

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