Rollercoaster Armenia

Came across this ghost rollercoaster roaming through Armenia


12 thoughts on “Rollercoaster Armenia

  1. I love abandoned places!!

    Although there was one occasion, where an amusement park I visited as a child with my grandparents and took my oldest son to when he was little – went out of business and left the place abandoned – that was little sad 😔… is now abandoned amusement park that just sits there while nature takes it back over.

    I do miss the memories and happiness that place always gave me, hated to see it die… but it is still beautiful even in the ruins ❤️

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    1. Same and I’ve visited a few abandoned fun parks. They kind of end up looking a little creepy over time

      Armenia is full of abandoned buildings, all over the countryside and from what I can tell mostly old USSR facilities. Unfortunately the country is so poor they can’t mantain the buildings so they lie there falling apart

      I also like American ghost towns like Bodie in California, an amazing place 🙂

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      1. Bodie is my favorite place of all… I love its incredible history… how was once a lawless old west town – such unrest – no peace … there used to be 2 sayings … either you read it “good, by god, we’re going to Bodie” or “goodbye god, we’re going to Bodie” lol

        But I love that it once had no peace… but you go now and it just finally sits in peace – that whole area is so beautiful and those buildings in arrested decay – never to get worse and not to be improved. And you can just imagine the life and the stories of that place.

        I bet those Armenian buildings are amazingly beautiful too!! It’s kind of beautiful in a way to see what man used to have or had created and then see how nature reclaims that. That’s kind of beautiful!

        I also love the history of places that mingle in with the ruins. I find it fascinating

        You don’t always have to repair… sometimes there is beauty in the decay? Oddly said lol … I’m sure you know what I mean though

        We have a ton of really cool ghost towns and such…

        If you’ve been to California and Bodie … you have probably also been to Carson City and Virginia City in Nevada? Those aren’t total ghost towns but incredible history and total old west towns

        And Sacramento (the state Capitol of California) has a huge underground they actually do tours on… it used to be the actual city – but it flooded so much they had to raise it … they raised the buildings and the streets – now they do tours of what once was. I have not done the tour yet – but I am dying to!!!

        Old Sacramento is pretty cool too – once a year they truck dirt in and lay it over the streets to celebrate Gold Rush Days … that whole old Sacramento Area is beautiful and so historical and has the museums, trains etc

        Have you been to Donner Lake? That story is incredible too!! Creepy but incredible!!

        Anyway – I get a little excited with all of it lol ✌️

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      2. Lol thanks for the feedback, love the detail. A small city I really loved was Goldfield in Central Nevada with its abandoned buildings, amazing art and cars buried upright in the ground. Did the underground tour of Seattle which was cool, haven’t been to Sacramento. Virginia City was good fun, loved the old shops and all the flags on display. As yet haven’t visited Donner lake, maybe one day 🙂

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      3. Oh I don’t know Goldfield! I will have to google that lol sounds amazing!

        There is not a lot in Donner Lake just a visitors center that tells the story and I believe a gift shop… and there is a little hike type area and you can picnic… is close to Lake Tahoe so very foresty- beautiful though and the story is crazy!

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  2. Former USSR countries are obsessed with many things and one of their major obsessions is Ferris Wheels! You can find them in so many cities there from Belarus to Russia and from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan! Nice shot 🙂

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