Knysna South Africa

Walking the elephant


12 thoughts on “Knysna South Africa

  1. Elephants don’t have a natural enemy now and the excess population in Botswana saw numbers rise from 13k to 40k and nature just cannot take the punch. Lovely as they are, the can also decimate the environment and threaten the survival of so many other species. The situation is getting untenable.

    Sadly, the Knysna elephants are hardly ever seen. Rangers and foresters working thousands of square kilometres will be lucky to see but one in a lifetime in that expansive, very dense ancient natural forest.

    To see them in the wild, go to Addo, or the Kruger National Park or also Pilanesberg nature reserve. Both Addo and Pilanesberg are malaria free.

    However, we have the Big Five roaming wild within a radius of less than 250km from Cape Town. And as near as about 100km on the West Coast and at Fairie Glen in the picturesque Brandwacht mountains in nearby Worcester. Excellent for a photo safari.

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      1. If I head back there I’ll be sure to do some more. It was a few years ago when I travelled the south and west of Cape Town. Amazing πŸ™‚


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