Donald Trump suspends all travel from Europe to US

I usually don’t l to go into politics but WOW it doesn’t look like there will be much travel for this year. I just feel sorry for those fellow travellers caught up in it.

Trump has banned all flights between the USA and Europe.

Just be sure not to check your share balance or in Australia Superannuation balance. If it isn’t the Corona virus or the lack of toilet paper that will get you, shock from your retirement balance will


19 thoughts on “Donald Trump suspends all travel from Europe to US

  1. Dave….Your post is not completely accurate. You indicated in your post, “Trump has banned all flights between the USA and Europe.”

    Actually, what President Trump said on Wednesday night was that beginning Friday, most visitors and flights coming into the continental United States from Europe with the exception of the UK will be blocked or banned…..for a period of 30 days.

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    1. Not trying to start an argument so don’t take this as that… but what you said sounds like “banned flights between USA and Europe”, lol. Am I missing something?


      1. I can see how the flight situation and wording can be confusing. It almost sounds like…sure, you can go to Europe, but you won’t be allowed to come back for 30 days. And if you get the corona virus while you’re over there – ehhhhhh, just stay in Europe a bit longer.

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      2. Labelled a pandemic and the ability for people to move across the planert so quickly means this is an unknown. The cancelling of large gatherings and banning entry is governments attempting to settle their people. Unfortunately I doubt we know the infection rates at the moment so more and more governments will most likely start closing borders. It’s strange times, if Tom Hanks can end up with Corona virus anyone can. I was in the UK during the Brexit vote, the UK being in Europe I guess is subjective depending on who you talk to


  2. It’s a really sh***y situation. I’m not a health professional so I never really know which side of the argument to believe but based on what I’ve read it seems like this is all blown out of proportion. I’m not going to get into any “political agendas” or anything because you really can’t know what people’s true motives are, but it seems like this really is just a “cold” that spreads really easily because nobody has immunity to it yet.

    Yeah, it’s horrible that it kills older people and sick people fairly easily and we should try to prevent that as much as possible… but it doesn’t seem like we really CAN. At some point the people who are supposed to be protecting us and our economies need to weigh the costs. The one report I read from a licensed epidemiologist said that this strain of Coronavirus will likely just “BE HERE” forever now and some people will get sick from it every year and a few of those people will likely die. But that’s kind of the same with every other disease of this type out there.

    I suppose at best we’ve at least learned what doesn’t work in these situations. (anything, apparently lol)


    1. But, as it pertains to your blog… there are plenty of other places to travel besides the US and I look forward to seeing those places through your lens. 🙂

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      1. I suspect that the travel ban from Europe to the USA will eventually be reciprocated and then other countries may also start bans. The open borders between continents such as Europe, Africa, Central and South East Asia may lead to further spreading without adequate detection. Apparently winter will slow it down and banning mass gathering, its a strange time to travel

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    2. I think the main concern is strain on the healthcare system. In a huge population like the US, even a very small % people ending up in the hospital needing critical care could overload the system. I think most people it’s nothing more than a bad cold/flu. But it spread fasts and does cause serious issues in a small group (but that could be 100K + people in the US).

      Everything needs to be done to slow down the spread to not overload the hospitals etc. In Italy hospitals are overwhelmed and that’s a major part of the issue.

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      1. I think the screening they have been doing in Korea has been really effective. There disease has gone into remission now apparently.

        The US system could be overloaded. At home in Sydney we have free universal healthcare and the government is attempting to keep everyone calm. I thinks it’s working but will see, there hasn’t been anything like this before that spreads so fast, strange times.


  3. Well, considering that only a couple of weeks ago P. Trump was labelling it (as he does most things, it seems) as a hoax..
    Let’s wait and see.
    It does seem strange that even close White House aides and indeed US diplomats in Europe, were totally flat footed by their President’s announcement.
    It’s a fact of life that older people do indeed die and as an older person I am quite aware of that fact, if the reaper don’t get ya one way, he’ll find another!!!! Chill people and enjoy life as it is.


    1. I’m happy I was out traveling last year instead of getting caught up in this now. It’s kind of like suspending life for 6 months or so. Sooner this passes the better, I think we’re better traveling than having “toilet paper wars”

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